Coleen Rooney has defended herself against critics who have called her out for already having been on ‘7 holidays’ this year.

The expectant mum-of three has been slated for her regular holiday habit, with claims that she’s enjoyed multiple trips already this year.

Coleen has of course had reason for wanting to take a break from regular life. She and husband Wayne are reported to have been experiencing marriage troubles, after he was arrested for drink-driving.

It was also rumoured that the former England pro “hugged and kissed” a young, 22-year-old.

But fans have been increasingly commenting on the amount of trips abroad Coleen has been taking, leaving her to defend her habit before jetting off to Barbados.

In a dismissive tweet, she laughed off the rumours. She wrote, “7th Holiday???….. I thought it was more than that!!”

And following the message, fans were quick to leap to the star’s defence. Many replied to her Tweet to state that she deserved a holiday, and that it was no one else’s business.

One fan said, “Anyone else would do the same if they were given half the chance and had the money! I certainly would! Enjoy the sunshine x.”

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While another wrote, “It doesn’t matter how many holidays people have or where they go. It’s time with your family that’s important, have a good one.”

It’s expected that Coleen and her three sons will be spending their vacation at the Sandy Lane Hotel on the island. And like her other holidays, Wayne, reportedly, won’t be joining them.

Dinner with my boys 💙

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However, the comment comes just weeks after Wayne reportedly issued Coleen with a holiday-based ultimatum.

Allegedly, Wayne stated that the pair both need to change their ways, or agree to call it quits. Reportedly, he told Coleen she had to stop holidaying without him – whilst he had to stop boozy nights out with the boys.

A source told The Sun, “He’s pointed the finger at her over the number of holidays she takes and she raised questions about his nights out with the lads.”


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“He’s told her he is willing to stop going out if that means she will stay with him. But he hasn’t totally held back himself.”

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