Coleen Rooney has undeniably suffered a tricky time lately, following reports of her husband’s infidelity amid the news that he’d been arrested for drink-driving.

But clearly, the media frenzy the news has generated hasn’t been easy either. Reports over the 31-year-old’s reaction to her husbands actions have been rife in the past few days. And within them, many ‘sources’  have been claiming to know where the mum-of-three’s head is at.

So for the first time since the controversy came out, Coleen Rooney has finally commented on the rampant rumours. And she’s clearly not happy with the reports on her family life.

Taking to Twitter, she sarcastically declared how she’d love to meet all of the “so-called friends” who have been commenting about her to the media.

And clarifying what her cryptic tweet really meant, she revealed: “I was being sarcastic towards all these great sources the press have.”

So what do Coleen’s tweets really mean?

Most recently, reports have pointed to the fact that Coleen is set to give husband Wayne one last chance.

Allegedy, a friend of the model/businesswoman told The Sun she “didn’t want to her marriage to end”.

They claimed: “After lots of discussion with close family and friends, she’s concluded that she doesn’t want the marriage to end.

“She’s a mum of three with a fourth on the way and she’s passionate about keeping their family together. He’s made mistakes, but they have always come out fighting.”

However, given the crazed wave of reports that have hounded the Rooney family since the scandal was revealed, it’s difficult to know which rumour in particular she is dismissing.

Other claims have suggested that there is no going back for the once envied super-couple. A reported ‘family friend’ has said: “She is seriously considering divorce and their marriage is hanging by a thread.”

Only time will tell for this couple, but we wish Coleen and her family the best…