Loose Women star Coleen Nolan confessed to suffering a tragic miscarriage during 
a rocky patch with her ex-husband Shane Richie.

The 53-year-old revealed on the ITV lunch time show that the way she was informed by doctors that she’d lost the baby was ‘brutal’.

Explaining that the miscarriage happened nine months after the birth of her son Jake, 25, Coleen said, ‘It was a really bad time for me and Shane 
and I was like, “I could do without this right now”.

‘But anyway, be careful what you wish for because at about four or five weeks I started to miscarry,’ she continued.

Talking about the way in which the doctor handled the situation, she added, ‘He knows nothing about me. He walked in, took a look at me and he said, “Yes, yes, you’ve lost the baby – go to the doctor’s tomorrow to get a scrape,” and walked out of my house and I thought, “Wow.” I mean, it was brutal.’