Mrs Hinch is almost 
as well-known for her glamorous looks as 
she is for her expert cleaning tips.

Mrs Hinch
But the 29-year-old cleaning guru – who has just had her first baby with husband Jamie – 
has admitted that she hasn’t always looked so good, revealing she was eight stone heavier a decade ago.

Decade of difference

Sharing a picture of herself back in 2009 alongside a current snap for the popular social media ‘#10yearchallenge’ frenzy, Sophie said, “The 10-year challenge pics I’ve seen across social media must have taken a lot for some people to post.”

She told her ‘Hinch army’, 
”It’s not something I would ever usually do, or have done. But I’ve realised there’s a really strong message behind them all.

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“Whatever perception you may have 
of how perfect someone’s life may appear… We never really know what people are going through inside… So please never judge a book by its cover 
and always be kind. Love Soph xx.”

Sophie admitted that her weight loss was initially down to a £6,000 gastric band operation, which she underwent when she 
was just 21 after piling on the pounds due to her love of fast food.

No easy ride

She admitted, “I’d just passed my driving test,
so I was able to go out in the car and get takeaways at McDonald’s Drive-Thrus. Before I knew it, 
I was eating for what felt like eating’s sake. I was getting pizzas and deliveries. I love food, even now.”

The Instagram star says that clothes shopping became a struggle and she wore baggy outfits as much as possible to “fit in” – but ended up hitting rock bottom when she couldn’t fit into a seat
 on a fairground ride.

Mrs Hinch baby

“Having to get off that ride was the most humiliating feeling I’ve ever had,” she explained. “It hit me, the stares, and the way people look at you.”

Sophie, who was a part-time hairdresser at the time, was forced to take out a loan to cover her operation, but it ended in disaster because two years after the band was inserted, she was left in crippling pain when it slipped and ended up lodged in her oesophagus.

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She was quickly admitted to hospital and underwent an emergency operation to rectify it, and she now admits, “I was so scared.”

In 2016, Mrs Hinch had another operation to remove the excess skin that her eight-stone weight loss had left her with.

But things got worse when she developed an infection from the surgery and at one point, even feared she would lose her left arm. But thankfully, antibiotics
 got it under control.

Now, with the gastric band still inside her, but unclipped and not working,
 Sophie confesses she regrets having the operation done.

“The surgery works for some people but for me, if I had known the complications and risks, I wouldn’t have done it,” she says. “My personal experience was an absolute nightmare and I’m still dealing with the repercussions
to this day.”

Mrs Hinch keeps it real

While Sophie has influenced a whole generation of ‘Hinchers’ –the name she gives her followers 
– to get excited about cleaning, gaining a massive 2.5 million followers since joining Instagram in March 2018, she admits 
she’s still working on her body confidence and wanted to show her fans the real her.

Phillip Schofied, Mrs Hinch, Holly Willoughby
“I’m not this perfect cleaner 
with a perfect set-up,” she says. 
”I wanted to let them know that, because people have such pressure on themselves to have a perfect life. I went through a hell of a lot, which is why my confidence isn’t great, even now.

“Body shaming angers me, because even if you lose the 
weight, you never forget the comments. I’m still not 100% confident with my body, but I’m getting there.”

We think you look great, Mrs H!