We’re used to The Chase’s Governess (KA Anne Hegerty) wearing that signature pussy-bow blouse and drab grey suit, but she shocked fans when she showed off a totally different look on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff.

In fact, she’s now being hailed as a style icon! Ditching her usual wardrobe, The Governess wore a casual long sleeved T-shirt with rock ‘n’ roll style roses and skulls on. Check it out…

Where’s your Harley Davidson, Anne?

Viewers of the day-time show were quick to notice Anne’s less-formal look and they were impressed.

The 59-year-old quiz boffin has become a huge star in recent years, alongside her colleagues The Beast AKA Mark Labbett and The Dark Destroyer AKA Shaun Wallace.

Last year, fans were taken back when she went on Loose Women to discuss her struggles with Autism – a condition she only had diagnosed in 2005 after watching a TV show about children who struggle with it.

In fact, she admitted that her Autism was so bad she once had bailiffs knocking on her door after she failed to pay her bills.

“[Even after the diagnosis] the whole problem with juggling things hadn’t got any better just because I knew what it was, I was still struggling, I was having difficulty getting jobs done on time.

“I’ve been a terrible nuisance to a lot of people.

“On New Year’s Day 2008 I had two bailiffs turn up on my doorstep and because I had so little income I had not been paying bills, and I respect the concept of paying bills I’m very much in favour of it, I just couldn’t quite get it together.”

Hitting rock bottom then led Anne to meet a social worker who not only helped get her finances in order, but also secured her audition for The Chase.

She continued: “A terribly helpful social worker named Jeff Mackenzie came and said to me, ‘Don’t worry about a thing, I will open the mail, we will get the bills paid, I will get you filling in the forms so you can actually be on benefits.'”

After that, Anne landed the job on one of ITVs most successful shows to date, has legions of fans and is a regular on various TV quiz and news shows.

So what next? Her own clothing line?

We’ll watch this space…