Charles Bronson – ‘Britain’s most notorious prisoner’ – is suing Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley for defamation, after a claim made live on the breakfast show.

GMB presenter Richard was speaking to Charles’ girlfriend Paula Williamson live on air, when he claimed that the 64-year-old prisoner had “attacked” a prisoner governor at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes in 2016.

Looking over a piece of paper, Richard said: “We have his charge sheet. In his last incident he attacked a prison governor last year.”

Paula appeared to dispute the claim, saying: “It wasn’t last year that he attacked the governor, that’s not what he told me.”

But Richard continued, speaking to the camera, saying, “Well, he told you different. Charlie, you’re watching now. You’re lying. You know it was 2016 mate. It was, it was last year. He’s a bad ’un and he’s got a lot of form.”

But it seems that Richard Madeley’s claim may have been incorrect, as he was reportedly given the wrong rap sheet by a member of the production team.

In a call, Charles revealed his upset over the interview, saying: “My mum was upset over it. I promised her I wouldn’t get involved in more violence. She believes in me.”

It was widely reported back in 2015 that Charles had attacked a prison guard in 2010, jumping on him and hitting him in the prison gym.

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Charles Bronson’s long history of violence…

Charles, who is now called Charles Salvador after changing his name in 2014 in order to reflect his love of art, has a long history of prison offences.

The criminal has been in and out of prison since 1974, when he was just 22 and was found guilty of kidnapping a teacher. Since then, he’s committed various offences while inside, including holding fellow prisoners hostage and attacking prison guards and officers.

He’s spent much of his 41 years in prison in solitary confinement, due to his violent outbursts.

But along with changing his name, Charles has also reportedly retired from his violent ways. He claimed on his website: ‘It’s non-violent all the way. It’s a peaceful journey from here on… Coz my heart is at peace and my mind is set on art.’

Good Morning Britain have been asked to provide a retraction for the statement. They’ve also been asked to provide compensation to Charles.

A spokesman for the show said: “We mistakenly stated that Mr Salvador had attacked a prison officer in 2016.

“This was incorrect. We are happy to make this clarification.”