Celebrity teeth before and after… Is it just us who are fascinated at how much difference a (very expensive) trip to the dentist can make?

We all know that a good amount of money and dollop of fame can help tenfold in, *ahem*, enhancing your appearance. We see it all the time. Celebrities who rise up the ladder to fame, are suddenly transformed – hair, teeth, face – the lot.

It’s undeniable that a bit of extra cash (okay, a lot), can help celebs to look polished and preened. And there’s one thing we’ve noticed after famous faces rise to the top – their teeth transformation.

It helps to have a celebrity dentist, but these veneers before and after shots show how a great smile can make all the difference…

Countless celeb-types have made their debut in the entertainment world with – dare we say it – slightly wonky, yellow gnashers. Heck, in the 80s, celebrities with bad teeth were almost ten-a-penny! But fast-forward a few years and, voila – they’re all enjoying pearly white, straight teeth without a care in the world.

Scarlett Moffatt, of Gogglebox fame, is the latest celeb to enjoy a teeth transformation. On her Instagram story a month ago, she revealed that she was “finally” getting new teeth, after an accident 11 years ago left her with ‘black teeth’. She wrote: ‘I’m gonna cry finally in a month after 11 years after my accident I’ll have new teeth.’

She’s spoken previously about the damage done to her set of teeth after her accident, saying: “I was on my bike when I was 11 and a car hit me. The nerves had gone, so I had black teeth at the front.”

And in a recent Instagram snap (below right), she unveiled the stunning results of her veneers before and after!

Of course, the hilarious star’s teeth weren’t black before (left pic above), as she had temporary caps fitted. But now, she’s revealed that she’s finally found a permanent solution to her teeth woes.

So what about all the other celebrity teeth before and after? Take a look at all the celebrities with bad teeth – and their incredible teeth transformation…

Tom Cruise

Perhaps the most dramatic teeth transformation of all time is Tom Cruise. Pre-fame days show Tom sporting a severely wonky set off teeth, with huge gaps and a slightly yellow tinge. But these days, at the height of his fame, Tom shows off an immaculate set of pearly-whites. This is one transformation that needed to happen!

Colin Firth

We know – we can’t quite believe the pic on the left is Colin either! The man everyone has come to know and love as Mr Darcy didn’t look quite so debonair in the early days, rocking a slightly fluffy hair-do, and duller, wonkier teeth. The actor’s teeth certainly look straight and whiter now!

Demi Moore

Who’d have thought that the stunning Demi Moore’s smile hadn’t always look so good? Just as she was starting to reach the heights of fame, Demi’s teeth were a lot less white and a lot less straight and even – but look at them now!

Abbey Clancy

Admittedly, there wasn’t much wrong with model Abbey’s teeth beforehand. But it seems she’s got herself a good old pair of veneers in order to ensure dental perfection – and they do look great.

Victoria Beckham

The fashionista undeniably has a good set of teeth on her now, but back in the height of the Spice Girls days, you’d struggle to say the same. In 1996, VB sported a wonkier pair of teeth, with the dreaded ‘fangs’ at either side. But since she’s reached the dizzy heights of world-fame, she’s had them fixed, and looks better than ever!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Wow! Back in the 1980s, when super-stardom was just a twinkle in Catherine’s eye, she showed off an unruly pair of teeth. Although pretty white, they were quite uneven. But now? The 47-year-old has a gorgeous smile – even, white, and glittering.


Maybe one of the biggest celebrity teeth before and after transformations yet! Back in the innocent days of Pop Idol and Girls Aloud, Cheryl’s smile was uneven and featured two bigger, fang-like teeth on either side. But fast-forward 10 years, and Cheryl’s had a smile upgrade. Her teeth are now super-white and super-straight. And what else would expect from one of the biggest stars in the UK?

Emma Watson

An adorably young Emma displayed her set of child-like teeth at one of her very first appearances for Harry Potter back in 2001. And, now all grown up, Emma has also upgraded her smile. Doesn’t she look brilliant?