After a tough year of marriage split rumours designer Victoria Beckham is ready for 
a new look. But will it impress David?

Beautiful skin

The former Spice Girl has always had problems with her skin, and perhaps with the stress of the past year, she’s starting to worry it might show on her face. The mum-of-four, 44, is said to have been to dermatologists in 
LA and London, forking out £1,000 
at least once a month to keep her youthful glow. Plus, she spends £600 
a month on face creams and splashed out £1,200 on one made from her own blood!

Glamming up

Having taken a less-is-more approach in recent years, it’s thought that Victoria is now planning to have her pricey make-up team and hair stylists on hand 24/7 to help her achieve a more glamorous appearance. An insider reveals, ‘Victoria’s set to spend at least £60,000 on her new look.’ We can’t wait to see!

New boobs

Victoria ditched her implants after having two boob jobs over 
the years. But it’s now thought that while she’s unlikely to go up to the 34DD she was, she’s believed to be keen to spend an impressive £20,000 on a third breast enhancement with a top surgeon.

Bringing sexy back

Since launching her fashion brand in 2008, Victoria has had a complete style overhaul to transform her from a ‘sexy’ Spice Girl to a demure ‘fashionista’ – but that could soon be reversed. It seems the former singer is tiring of her high-fashion look, 
as she’s said to be planning to add some sexier items into her wardrobe – a nod to her Spice Girls days, perhaps?

Work it out

Victoria has previously confessed to spending more than two hours a day working out, but it’s now believed that she’s planning to up the ante to get in the best shape of her life. 
Vic wants to increase her one-to-one workouts to get her body ‘lean and toned’ but it won’t come cheap, 
as her personal trainer charges 
£300 a session!