Susanna Reid has returned to her GMB hosting duties following a long summer break.

But it hasn’t been all fun and games over the holidays for the brunette beauty, as she unveiled a painful-looking injury on Twitter the day before heading back to work.

In the candid post, the 48-year-old admitted that she hit her face while walking into a pane of glass thinking it was an open door, resulting in a swollen lip and a bruised nose. Ouch!

Credit: Getty Images


Sharing the selfie with her 604k follower, Susanna wrote: ‘Responding to (non-existent) demand for holiday snaps, here’s one of me having walked into a pane of glass thinking it was an open door and looking, as a result, like I’d had lip filler. (Swelling unfortunately gone down now.) Also almost broke my nose. Happy days.’

Comments quickly poured in from fans wishing Susanna a speedy recovery and telling her she still looked stunning.

‘I think you look great!! But hope you aren’t still too sore,’ wrote one concerned follower, while another added: ‘Wow that looks nasty. Hope you are OK Susanna.’

A third told the star: ‘No worries are just as gorgeous as ever.’

Some fans even joked that Susanna’s accident must have been more bearable than working with fellow GMB host Piers Morgan, with one Twitter user commenting: ‘‘Better than sitting with @piersmorgan still though.’

Double ouch!

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The picture is a stark contrast to a recent holiday snap with Susanna looking happy and radiant the day before heading back to work.

‘End of the summer break,’ the image caption read. ‘Back to work tomorrow. See you at 6am.’

It’s been a long summer with many of our fave presenters on holiday, so we’re glad to have you back Susanna!