Actress Martine McCutcheon has been sharing old pictures with fans, and it seems she hasn't changed a bit!

The former EastEnders and Love Actually star has spent her bank holiday weekend taking a trip down memory lane as she cleared out some boxes at her house, and it seems she must have stumbled across some old photo albums.

The actress shared a beautiful black and white picture of her as a child, where she is seen beaming from ear-to-ear and looking every inch the budding actress that she turned out to be.

Martine told her followers: “Going through some old boxes at my house and my god I’ve laughed and had some amazing little trips down memory lane!

“This was me at around 8 years old… loving the camera even then! This photo started it all for me when I was at the Italia Conti Stage School. I looked back today and for the first time in a long time, I realised just how much that little girl overcame and accomplished.


“I simply loved the feeling of performing and making people feel good, but I do feel that the entertainment business definitely chose me on a number of occasions and I’m so thankful for it!”

It goes without saying that fans rushed to tell Martine how beautiful she looked, with some fans admitting that the 43-year-old actress hasn’t changed at all.

One said: ‘You still look the same. Beautiful’; while another commented: ‘Not changed one bit 😱’.

A third added: ‘So adorable,then and now! Not many men or women can pull that off, but you did!’

Martine is no stranger to sharing throwback snaps on social media, with fans loving her snippets of the past.

Earlier this year she treated fans to a stunning picture of her with Hugh Grant at the French premier of Love Actually.

Let’s hope there are some more gems hidden amongst that box Martine discovered at the weekend.