As she celebrates the big 6-0, presenter Lorraine Kelly exclusively talks Woman through some of her best moments

Starting out (1984)

‘I was given the job as Scottish correspondent at TV-am by Bruce Gyngell. He said, “People are going to like you as you aren’t glamorous and you sound like people on the street”. It was my golden opportunity.’

Married life (1992)

‘My wedding to Steve Smith was a small, traditional Scottish ceremony in Dundee. It was a great day with lots of Highland dancing. I was one of the last to leave. Steve is my person. We’re really good pals, he makes me laugh and it’s a real partnership and that’s why it works!’

GMTV days (2000)

‘I look back at my fashion howlers on GMTV and think, “I couldn’t have had friends, because one should have told me I looked ridiculous!” No-one said, “That’s a terrible frock”. I wish they had!’

Red Nose Desert Trek (2011)

‘It was a 100-mile trek through the desert for Comic Relief. I had a reaction to malaria tablets and got so many mouth ulcers I couldn’t eat. Craig David picked me up, put me down in the shade, made me a cup of tea, took my boots off, washed and bandaged my feet, and then walked with me. He’s the nicest man!’

Getting her OBE (2012)

‘Getting my OBE was lovely. Her Majesty gave me the award, but I don’t remember what she said because I was crying so much, and I was so nervous about royal protocol. All I could think was, “Don’t trip up”, because I had heels on and you have to do a curtsey, and I was so worried I’d fall over and squash the Queen!’

The Bikini Promise (2015)

‘We did the Bikini Promise on my show, which was all about wearing your bikini no matter your size, shape or age. If you’d told me at 56 I’d be dancing around on the South Bank in my bikini, I’d have called you mad!’

Rosie’s graduation (2016)

‘My daughter graduating Edinburgh Napier University was amazing, I was bursting with pride. It was one of those days you want to put in a box and tie a pink ribbon round for when you’re feeling down.’

*Shine by Lorraine Kelly is published by Century, £20.