The husband and wife presenting duo had a tiff live on air – and things got seriously frosty.

The spat happened when Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes interviewed Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud on Wednesday’s episode of This Morning.

Eamonn joked that he and Ruth ‘would have split up’ if they’d tried to build a house together. ‘Eamonn and Ruth thought they were building a house, but they ended up breaking a relationship,’ he quipped.

‘Yeah, because I would’ve done all the work,’ Ruth fired back, before going on to complain that she was ‘bored’ of listening to her husband talk.

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‘This is the reason you don’t watch Grand Designs, and I do,’ Eamonn replied, as his wife fumed. ‘I do watch Grand Designs,’ she insisted. ‘That’s such a fib!’

But viewers weren’t buying it, with one tweeting: ‘Ruth’s just been called out on not watching Grand Designs. She’s f***ing fuming.’

‘Can imagine @EamonnHolmes and @RuthieeL having words when they get home,’ another added. ‘Oh, it’ll be well before that!’ Eamonn replied.

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Earlier this month, Eamonn joked that Ruth would be a ‘spiteful’ ex if he ever left her. ‘Say I ran off with a 24-year-old?’ he asked during an interview with Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood, who recently split with 24-year-old girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam. ‘I would be so spiteful,’ Ruth warned him. ‘You wouldn’t want me.’

Eamonn recently claimed that his wife was ‘a complete panic merchant’ and ‘very difficult’ to live with. ‘Although I love and adore her, she’s like a racehorse,’ he told Kate Thornton on the White Wine Question Time podcast. ‘You don’t know if you go up to it whether it will kick you, or bite the sugar lump out of your hand. You have no idea of what will happen – it’s the adventure.’