Carol Vorderman recently spooked the internet, when she posted a picture of her and her daughter Katie - and fans noticed the creepy similarity between the two.

The former Countdown star shared the image of her and her now 27-year-old daughter, when they were both aged ten.

And the resemblance was easy to see – to be honest, we’re struggling to see the difference between the mother/daughter pair! With the same dark brown hair and a scarily similar face shape, the two practically look like twins.

Alongside the image, Carol wrote, ‘Awwww….We are laughing about this spooky likeness…Me…age 10 in blue dressing gown #1970…and my daughter Katie age 10 #2002 in the grey coat….’

Fans were floored by how similar the pair look, commenting on the post to share their disbelief. One commented, ‘Same person’, while another agreed, writing, ‘Twins!!!’.

A third follower also said, ‘Thought they were both you at 1st. Twins’, and a fourth wrote, ‘Peas and pods come to mind. #soalike’.

And another fan said, ‘Amazing likeness you could be the same person’.

Now that Katie is all grown up, the resemblance between her and her mum, 58, is still easy to see.

And it seems Katie got her smarts from her mother too. She graduated from Cambridge University in 2015, with a degree in Science – the same uni her mother attended 30 years ago.

Katie is Carol’s only daughter, whom she shares with management consultant Patrick King. The pair split in 2000, years after Katie was born.

Previously, Carol has spoken about how, after her daughter’s graduation, and her son Cameron heading off to university, she feels able to start focusing on herself.

She told The Sun, “Now Katie has graduated and Cameron is about to start at university I feel I can get on with the next phase of my life.

“I’ve been a single parent and it’s a lot of work. I took a break from my television commitments because I felt as though I couldn’t do it all. But I’m going to have more time now and I’d like to do more telly and focus on my educational projects.”