Carol Vorderman took to Twitter today to show off her freshly cut hair, flaunting her sensational figure at the same time.

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The 58-year-old former Countdown star shared a series of snaps on the social media platform, leaving fans stunned at her youthful beauty and jaw dropping curves.

Showing off her blonde, sleek locks, the maths wiz rocked an edgy khaki, military-esque outfit as she posed for the sizzling photos.


Flashing her bright white grin for the camera, Carol propped one leg up on a chair, highlighting her slim pins, perky bottom and large chest.

As always, Carol’s posey display raked in hundreds of comments from her admirers.

One fan swooned, “Bl**dy h**l Carol you look fabulous 😍😍😘xx,” while a second chipped in, “Gorgeous Carol and so sexy 😋😋😋😍😍❤❤.”

Meanwhile, a third follower gushed, “Looking glamarous and gorgeous as usual 👍👏🥰.”

Recently, the former Rear of the Year winner revealed the secret behind her impressive physique, claiming it’s down to her exercise routine which involves doing 20,000 squats A YEAR.

“In terms of squats, or the equivalent of squats, I probably do over 20,000 a year… that’s a lot,” she told ITV’s Lorraine.

Vorders also credited hiking and walking 12-20 miles twice a week for helping her stay in shape.

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Opening up about her weight, Carol insisted she never weighs herself and keeps track of things based on the way her clothes fit.

“I’m probably about a size 8 to 9 at the moment. I’ve always had a small waist, I think I’m about 25 inches around my waist. If I put on a bit of weight, I know I have, and I go up to a size 11. A larger size 10, that’s kind of my boundary for where I’m happy.”