TV star Carol Vorderman has spoken out against comments on her appearance, calling the remarks 'ageist'.

Speaking on This Morning today, the 58-year-old explained that throughout the years she’s often been referred to, cruelly, as ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ – pointing specifically to an event 20 years ago.

She told hosts Ruth and Eamonn, “Most of my life, let’s be fair. Twenty years ago I wore a blue dress to the BAFTAs which was above the knee, I was 39. That became a massive story, programmes were made about it. Not about the dress, it became about should a woman aged 39 wear a dress above the knee?

“I was called mutton dressed as lamb. Would you call a 39 year-old today mutton dressed as lamb because she wore a dress above the knee? Of course you wouldn’t! That’s just nonsense.”

The former Countdown star also assured fans that she doesn’t let the negativity get to her, saying she won’t change for anyone.

Carol said, “The point about ageist remarks are that they belong to the last century. I get it all the time and has my attitude changed whatsoever? No! And is it going to change? No!”

Eamonn and Ruth then asked Carol whether she ever responds to trolls online, to which she revealed her secret trick to dealing with social media hate.

Asked whether she replies, Carol said, “Not really, I just mute. Lorraine taught me that trick, she said “Don’t block, mute.’ And then they carry on doing their thing.”

The mum-of-two also revealed that she’s got some big ambitions ahead of her sixth decade in a few years time, joking that she wants to cause as much mischief ‘as possible’.

She said, “Hopefully [I will] get this flight around the world solo. When mum died, that all happened a few weeks before I was due to take off.”

Before joking, “But cause as much mischief as possible basically… It’s not about money and it’s not about celebrity.”

Sounds like a plan to us Carol!