Former Loose Women star Carol McGiffin has slammed Coleen Rooney, suggesting that she’s only got herself to blame for husband Wayne’s latest cheating escapade.

She is, of course, referring to the most recent scandal to hit the Rooney household. The pair have been rocked by claims that he “hugged and kissed” a 29-year-old woman, shortly before being arrested for drink-driving, all while pregnant Coleen was meant to be relaxing on holiday.

In her column for Best magazine, famously outspoken Carol branded footballers wife Coleen a “doormat” for sticking with serial cheater Wayne, and allowing him to humiliate her yet again.

She wrote: ‘Poor wife Coleen, pregnant with his fourth child, had to supposedly rush back from her holiday to sort the mess out.

‘I suppose I should feel sorry for her. But I’m afraid I don’t. Largely because she is the reason it keeps happening. If you behave like a doormat, you’ll get treated like one.’

57-year-old Carol continued to suggest that rather than blaming Wayne for cheating, Coleen should take a look at herself for continually forgiving him. ‘Wayne being a disrespectful t**t isn’t the problem here. It’s Mrs Rooney’s serial forgiveness. He is obviously a child who, unless he’s punished properly for bad behaviour, will keep repeating it.

‘She should know this – she’s a mother of three more much smaller children.’

Wayne Rooney cheating history…

Wayne Rooney undeniably has a rich history of cheating on the mother of his three (soon to be four) children. The first claim hit the couple all the way back in 2002, when it was said he slept with a prostitute at the age of 16.

Coleen defended the scandal at the time. In her autobiography, she wrote: ‘The truth is, and I’ve never said this before, at that time in our relationship I’d never even slept with Wayne.’

‘I was only 16 and we weren’t having that kind of relationship at that stage. We used to meet at the chippy or the cinema.’

(Coleen and Wayne in 2006)

Wayne has also been embroiled in further cheating accusations. In 2007, it was claimed he slept with another prostitute. And another rumour also surfaced of a threesome between him and two other prostitutes.

However, former Loose Lady Carol also suggested that the only way to make cheating Wayne realise his bad behaviour would be to cut ties all together.

She also wrote, ‘Even if she doesn’t really care about what he may or may not have done, she should care deeply about the worldwide ritual humiliation he put her and their family through.’

The couple have faced immense scrutiny since the news of Wayne’s betrayal broke last month. And the latest rumour is that Wayne has now been granted ‘sympathetic leave’ from Everton to fix his marriage – at Coleen’s request.

One source said: “Coleen wants them to get a way as a family. She thinks it’s important to get away from the area and try and spend some time together. Him, her and the kids.

“In the midst of it all they haven’t been able to do that. And, to work through their problems, she feels they need to get away.”

So what do you think of Carol’s comments? Is Coleen to blame for Wayne’s cheating? Or should he be to blame regardless of circumstances?