Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.48.28She was once famous for gracing the cover of magazines as a model, but this week, Caprice features in the latest issue of Woman for an altogether different reason – as she opens up about her extraordinary journey from modelling to motherhood.

After struggling to conceive, Caprice and her partner, Ty, decided to use a surrogate in the US – known only as Tina. Only, weeks after Tina fell pregnant, Caprice discovered that she too was expecting. And her two boys were born a month apart.

‘We named one of our sons Jett, and the other Jax,’ she said. ‘And while we knew which one Tina gave birth to, nobody else needed to.’

Now, as her boys are about to turn two, she reveals how the way the boys came into the world has affected her family – and the special relationship she has with Tina.

‘Far from being forgotten, Tina has become part of our family,’ she told Woman. ‘The boys know all about their special auntie, and one day, when they’re old enough, I’ll tell the them story of how one of them was in Auntie Tina’s tummy.’

She tells the full story in her memoir – My Boys, My Body, My Business (£16.99, Blink Publishing) – out now. Buy it here.