It's left fans baffled....

Can you spot what’s wrong with this Valentine’s Day photo of Katie Price?

At first glance, this picture of Katie and hubby Kieran looks like your average Valentine’s Day snap.

There’s the flowers, the candles, the elaborate place settings. But look a little closer and there’s something a little amiss about this photograph…

Katie’s pic sent fans into overdrive when she posted this cosy pic – with a third place setting.

The model and her beau looked happy to be enjoying an intimate night in. So who was the mystery guest?

Another joked: “Romantic meal for 2… Oh, I mean 3. Odd!”

Other comments read: “Do Uz do everything with friends? You never seem to be alone! X,” and, “I think that’s very strange too especially on Valentine’s Day!”

Fans asked Katie: “Who is the third meal for?”

But, alas, the end to the story isn’t as exciting as one might hope. Katie and Kieran were actually at a friend’s dinner party, with multiple couples.

Me and @jomantell and her husband @mantelljulian ❤️love my Neigbour's x

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@officialkieranhayler @jomantell

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Mystery solved!

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