As Doria bonds with the prince, Camilla wants Meghan’s mother to stand on her own two feet

While Meghan Markle may have taken a while to settle into her new life as a royal, her mother, Doria Ragland, has wasted no time in getting her feet under the table and has already developed a strong bond with Prince Charles.

Their blossoming friendship is said 
to be leaving Charles’ wife Camilla, 71, feeling wary for Doria. ‘Camilla doesn’t want Doria becoming too reliant on her and Charles going forward and wants her to feel like the empowered woman she is,’ an insider reveals.

And with Doria, 62, planning on moving to the UK permanently to be closer to her daughter, insiders say Camilla is keen to make sure her marriage doesn’t inadvertently become 
a case of ‘three’s a crowd’….


Palace sources say the Duchess of Cornwall ‘has her reservations’ over her husband’s growing friendship with Doria. ‘Charles and Doria adore each other and have become extremely close friends,’ the insider reveals. ‘They have a good deal in common and talk for hours about where they’ve travelled in the world, plus their mutual dedication to good causes.’

As Woman has previously reported, Doria temporarily moved into Nottingham Cottage with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to support Meghan, who was feeling ‘isolated and vulnerable’ in the wake of her father Thomas Markle’s constant public outbursts. And with news this could become a permanent fixture, Camilla knows she and Charles will have a lot more to do with Doria – both publicly and socially – something she feels won’t necessarily benefit Doria in the long run.



Meghan described her mother as a joy to be around, saying, ‘You won’t be able to help it. You will look at her and feel joy.’ So it would be no surprise if Camilla was feeling threatened by Doria’s growing popularity – something Camilla has had to work hard to achieve. To see someone step into the royal family and be embraced straightaway would be a bitter pill for anyone to swallow. Camilla notably had no one to lean on during her early days as a royal, but she feels it’s made her stronger and more able to cope with public scrutiny.


It’s no surprise Charles and Doria are getting 
on so famously, as the 69-year-old prince is also a big fan of her daughter. The pair have grown close since he stepped in to walk Meghan down the aisle on her wedding day.

Charles is keen to welcome Doria into the family, but is Camilla as taken by the idea? Our source adds, ‘Camilla likes Meghan’s mum, but she’s clear that Doria needs to be her own person, given the media circus that surrounds her, and stand on her own two feet. And if that means staying away from Charles then that’s how it has to be for Doria’s own good.’

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While Prince Harry’s relationship with his father is thought to have been under strain since the death of his mother in 1997 and Charles’ marriage to Camilla in 2005, Charles’ ‘loving relationship’ with Meghan is believed to have been a ‘real turning point’ in bringing the family closer.

Long may it continue…