Ben Shephard has revealed that he was ‘transfixed’ when he saw Kate Garraway topless.

The 44-year-old first mentioned it in September when hosting news show Good Morning Britain, however Kate had not been there at the time.

But when the pair appeared together for the first time since the incident was revealed, the details of the story came to light.

Questioning what really happened when Ben saw his co-host in the nude, presenter Susanna Reid asked him to elaborate on the incident that took place 20 years ago.

‘We were working together and lived round the corner from one another, we literally were neighbours,’ said Ben.

ben shephard transfixed kate garraway topless

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‘I’d invited myself over for a cup of tea, I was cycling everywhere at the time and I got there early.’

He explained that Kate’s house had railings outside of her kitchen window so he went to chain his bike up on them.

‘I’m getting shivers just thinking about it,’ he admitted.

Continuing his tale, the Tipping Point presenter said: ‘It was about lunchtime and Kate had obviously gone home and had a sleep as we’d been up early and then suddenly someone walked into the kitchen and I looked up, and it was Kate.

ben shephard transfixed kate garraway topless

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‘She was topless and I kind of stopped and I was transfixed.’

Susanna then said that she thought Ben should have looked away to preserve Kate’s modesty, to which Ben responded: ‘No what I did was, I didn’t want to move as I thought ‘if I move she’ll notice me and that’ll be really embarrassing’.

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‘So I undid my chain and I slowly just walked away like I’d never seen a thing and cycled off in, like, a hot sweat.’

Kate then chimed in, adding that she had called her co-worker saying ‘I thought you were coming over?’, to which he replied: ‘Oh I got a bit tied up’.

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