Dame Barbara Windsor was joined by husband Scott Mitchell as she stepped out to attend a performance of West End musical Only Fools and Horses on Wednesday.

The former EastEnders star, 81, posed for cameras before the matinee show, making it just her second public appearance since husband Scott, 56, revealed that she was battling with Alzheimer’s disease last year.

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Barbara can be seen smiling as she was greeted by the show’s cast members at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Speaking after the show, the actress – best known for playing soap character Peggy Mitchell and her role in the Carry On franchise – praised the theatrical adaptation of the BBC comedy.

She said, “The show was wonderful, it’s the kind of show I really love and I love Del Boy. It’s the best entertainment I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying in ages. I felt such a warmth from the audience. I would give it five stars!”

The Dame was initially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, but husband Scott spoke out again recently admitting she is now struggling to cope with her memory loss.

During an appearance on ITV’s Loose Women, he said, “She’ll call them her blackouts. She’ll hold her head and say ‘I’ve got one of those blackouts, where are we?’”

barbara windsor

Expressing his sympathy for others caring for partners suffering from the condition, he added, “Any lover, my heart goes out to you, you are powerless.”

Scott is now giving round-the-clock care to Barbara, and revealed her memory becomes worse as the day turns to evening.

He said, “It’s every night from five o clock onward. It’s called sun-downing. As it gets darker they become more confused and she’s on this loop. It becomes a loop every time from that time.”

Speaking on her deteriorating memory, Scott also explained that showing Barbara old photographs of the couple before she was diagnosed can help to reground her.

“She is constantly asking the same question about house, how long are we staying here, how did we get here, are we going to be here long.

“I gently remind her this is our home and occasionally she’ll say, ‘ah yes the photos’.”

Scott continued, “I’ve got the board up with all the pictures from when we first met and our point down to that, which she loves, because I guess the clearest memories for Barbara are way before me.”

Words by Caitlin Elliott.