Having welcomed a new baby boy into the world last November, Peter Andre’s wife Emily is already feeling broody. But Pete is not convinced.

It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge’s own baby announcement has triggered Peter Andre’s wife  Emily MacDonagh to think about her own baby number three. In her blog, Emily claimed she’s been in a great mood for a whole week since the Royals’ news broke.

Revealing just how much she’s been thinking about adding to the Andre family, she said: “I’ve always been about a year behind Kate [the Duchess of Cambridge] with my pregnancies, so if that was to continue, I’d be having another baby in 2019.’

‘Never say never when it comes to having more children,’ she continued, before warning, ‘Don’t tell Pete!’

That final comment by the 28-year-old doctor is certainly telling. As husband Peter Andre has vowed that he won’t be having any more children, it looks like there may well be a conflict in the Andre household over this one.

Because while Emily daydreams about a third baby, in a recent interview Peter said he was content with the four children he already had – Junior (12), Princess (9), Amelia (3) and Theo (10 months) – and ruled out adding to his brood. ‘I’m content with what I’ve got and I don’t really want any more children,’ the 44-year-old told OK! Magazine this summer.

This isn’t the first time Peter has announced he didn’t want to grow the family any more. In an interview with Lorraine in April, he told her: ‘Absolutely not, unless they invent a 24-hour coffee system, then no!’

He later backtracked, claiming that it was sleep deprivation talking: ‘I’d had three hours sleep and I said to myself: “Right that’s it. I’m not having any more!” It feels like having jet lag all the time.’ However, after saying he felt bad for Emily because she was doing all the feeds, he then switched back to his original stance: a firm no.

But despite his reinforced statement this summer, Peter’s regular to-ing and fro-ing on the topic might give Emily some hope. He himself said ‘In a couple of years I might change my mind – but right now I’m like, no, no way!’

Let’s assume an Andre baby in 2019 is off the table then, shall we? Maybe 2020…