Gino has made a rather unexpected and totally adorable discovery...

Things you’d probably expect to find in Gino D’Acampo’s back garden would usually consist of the fruit and veg variety.

But the This Morning chef made quite the unexpected and extremely cute discovery in his garden on Wednesday.

Gino took to Twitter to share with his 1.67million followers that he had in fact found a teeny tiny tortoise.

He wrote: ‘Look what I just found in my garden – my new friend!! xxxx’

And fans couldn’t help but release a string of ‘awws’ at his adorable finding, with one user commenting, ‘Awwwww what a little cutie!’.

While others suggested that the 41-year-old keep the little tortoise as a pet, with many offering up suggestions as to what he should call it.

‘Tortoiselini,’ one user chimed. Whilst another said, ‘Nino or Gino?’.

Meanwhile other users were rather worried that the chef might cook up the little cutie for a meal.

We’re sure dear old Gino wouldn’t do such a thing.

But if you were hoping to find a little green tortoise in your back garden, sorry to disappoint, but Gino was actually in Italy.

Gino will be returning to our screens very soon alongside, Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and Keith Lemon, for the new series of hit ITV2 show, Celebjuice.

Back in 2 weeks! Excited!

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But many fans have been left disappointed that Gino is yet to appear on the show, one fan wrote on the social media site, ‘Come back to @CelebJuice!’.

A second added, ‘Why weren’t you on @CelebJuice last week?’.

We have no doubts that Gino is very busy caring for his new pet tortoise, and we for one can’t wait to see more from our fave TV chef.

Words: Chloe Andrews