Former Strictly judge Arlene weighed in on the media storm surrounding Katya Jones and Seann Walsh.

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips has shared her own opinion of the highly controversial Seann Walsh and Katya Jones kiss – arguing that the dancing duo should be left alone now.

Earlier this week, images emerged showing 32-year-old comedian Seann and his 29-year-old Strictly professional partner Katya kissing in a London street.

With both Seann and Katya in their own respective relationships – Katya is married to her professional dancing husband Neil Jones and Seann was in a long term relationship to Rebecca Humphries at the time of the scandal – the pictures have caused a huge media storm.

With the entire nation forming their own opinions of the dancing duo and their “one-off mistake”, 75-year-old Arlene defended the couple during her visit to today’s edition of Lorraine.

Speaking of the controversy, the former Strictly judge shared she didn’t think the public should be encouraging Seann and Katya to bow out of the competition.

“They are consenting adults,” Arlene explained. ‘The public appear to be the moral guardians.”

Arlene then added that whilst she doesn’t personally condone the kiss, they shouldn’t be booted from the show over the scandal.

“I’m not condoning what they’ve done at all. Unless they’ve signed some sort of disclosure that there is a behavioural contract, they are not going to stop what they’ve been hired to do and that is dance.”

Continuing, Arlene added that whilst it’s upsetting that people have been hurt amid the scandal, the “professional way is to carry on” in the competition.

Arlene also went on to remind viewers that we don’t know the ins-and-outs of Katya’s marriage to professional dancer husband Neil.

“We all love Neil and Katya, there is a togetherness, in truth who knows what their relationship [is like]? I know many people who have open relationships, and we know nothing about Seann’s relationship with his girlfriend.”

Following up her appearance on Lorraine, Arlene also spoke to the Daily Mail – revealing she isn’t surprised that the dancing pair have become close on the show.

“The intensity of those Saturday nights, then going out partying, drinking, it can be like a pressure cooker waiting to let off steam,” she told the publication.

She added: “Is it surprising that a relationship — fleeting or everlasting — can develop on the dance floor when you are in such close proximity to someone of the opposite sex for 50-plus hours a week?”

Since the pictures came to press, both Seann and Katya have issued online statements addressing the kiss to be a “one-off” mistake.