"I know you're laughing"

Former Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner has certainly been through the mill over the years, and 2017 hasn’t seen any let up for the long-suffering 57-year-old.

In the last few months she’s had to deal with the humiliating news that her cheating ex Grant Bovey was reportedly searching for love on dating app Bumble and faced yet more public scrutiny as she poured her heart out on Channel 5’s In Therapy.

And now even an innocent Tweet seems to have gone sour for the Health Lottery presenter.

Anthea took to the social media site with the above appeal, but instead of fans rallying around the star to help solve her order conundrum they couldn’t help but poke fun at a glaring omission from her post. Got it yet…? Yep, we missed it too but it seems that missing a brand name was enough to set the Twitterverse alight, with many speculating about what Anthea may have regretted purchasing.

Cue a flurry of fan Tweets that are bound to have made the ’90s icon cringe:

Luckily, the star was prepared to see the funny side of things, clearing up the order mystery with a single, light-hearted Tweet.

Here’s hoping the festive season will bring a little more cheer for Anthea…