Ann Summers found Jacqueline talks about the moment her battle with breast cancer really hit her...

Ann Summers founder Jacqueline Gold has revealed her most heartbreaking moment throughout her battle with breast cancer.

The multi-millionaire, who is the 16th richest woman in Britain, said the only time she cried throughout the whole brutal experience was when her hair started to fall out.

Jacqueline, who kept her battle secret for more than a year after finding a pea-sized lump in her breast, is now thankfully in recovery and appeared on ITV’s Lorraine to talk about her experience with the illness.

Describing the moment when it really hit her, she said, “Your hair is what defines you. When that first clump fell out is the first and only time I cried – you can’t underestimate how emotional that suddenly makes you feel.”

Jacqueline, 57, who is married to mortgage broker Dan Cunningham, 40, also revealed she initally hid her diagnosis from her eight-year-old daughter, because she felt it was too much to tell Scarlett she had cancer.

“I didn’t mention the cancer word at the beginning,” she said. “I thought that was too harsh at the time.”
But with the help of Macmillan Cancer Support Jacqueline was able to reassure her daughter of any worries she had when she did reveal the truth about what she was facing.

“I was honest with her, I reassured her and answered her questions, which I think is important because it made her feel more secure.”

Jacqueline, who underwent 12 months of ‘brutal’ chemotherapy and radiotherapy in her treatment, said she was very lucky as her body responded 100% to the treatment plan.

She who wore a wig for her appearance on the show, and explained that while her hair now is growing back, she wasn’t ‘quite ready’ to show off her shorter locks.

Since going through cancer, Jacqueline has changed her lifestyle and says her health is now her priority. Now, instead of working 14 hour days she intends to focus only on things she is passionate about. She is now following a healthy pescatarian diet and drinks juices twice a day. “I’m feeling great, I feel the best I’ve ever felt,” she said.

“My oncologist said to me ‘only one per cent of patients with your type of tumour have it completely disappear’.
I felt blessed, I felt like I had won the lottery.”