Rumours were rife last week that following her surprise engagement announcement, Andrea Mclean had already tied-the-knot with her partner Nick Feeney.

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The couple were on holiday with their children, and posted a series of snaps that suggested they had decided to elope. First Andrea shared photos from an impromptu hen-do with her daughters down on the beach, then later in the week the TV star shared a snap of her and Nick playing around the pool with the caption “We took the plunge.”

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Despite many fans taking this to mean that the couple had got married in secret in an intimate family-only ceremony, the talk show panelist was back on Loose Women yesterday to set the record straight.

The 47-year-old revealed that although she didn’t in fact tie-the-knot whilst abroad, she had wanted to! However, they were stopped – by logistics!

She revealed on Loose Women, when pressed by the panel if she was married, “No, we wanted to though, and we couldn’t.”

“You have to be really boring and organise it before you get there.”

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The Loose Women panel discuss the Andrea Mclean wedding rumours

“We want to get married with just the children, and we’d already planned a family holiday anyway. So we thought we’d give it a go. But apparently you need to be a bit more organised that, you know, a week before.”

Andrea Mclean revealed she was engaged to Nick last month. Nick will be the star’s third husband. Despite originally claiming she would never marry again, the mother-of-two revealed that it was pressure from her children and her strength of feeling for Nick that made her change her mind.

Andrea didn’t reveal any further details of her plans to wed, or when that might be. But watch this space!