Andrea McLean made her return to Loose Women today after a summer break - and caused a stir with a very different new hairdo!

The presenter unveiled a short blonde style to her Twitter fans before the show, which proved to be a huge change from her usual long brunette tresses.

“So I’m back at work today and I decided to go for a little change while I was away,” Andrea, 48, explained in a video as she showed off her new look.

“I hope you like it.”

Many fans did indeed like it, with one commenting: “Looks fabulous, really suits you.”

“Different but still looking good,” another agreed.

However, the dramatic transformation proved very divisive and several of Andrea’s followers weren’t so keen.

“Sorry not a good look makes you look so much older,” one wrote, whilst a fellow fan posted: “Noooooooooo 😏your fabulous as a brunette.”

And one added: “Love you, but hope this is a joke haha”

Fortunately for those who weren’t very impressed by the change, Andrea later confessed that her blonde crop was indeed a wig.

The mum-of-two donned the hairpiece to dress up as ABBA with her Loose Women co-stars Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Anne Diamond.

Andrea posted a clip after the show explaining: “Hello everyone, I’m sorry I played a little trick on you but that was so much fun. Here it is, it was a wig.

“You might not have known who I was supposed to be but I was Benny from ABBA, of course! I don’t think I’ll be going blonde… or will I?”

Andrea also reassured her fans on Instagram: “Very happy being a brunette you’ll be relieved to hear!”

The presenter seemed to enjoy her brief time as a blonde though and shared a funny video from behind the scenes as she modelled her ABBA outfit.

Viewers found the ladies’ ABBA performance pretty entertaining too, with many praising it as ‘hilarious’ and ‘fantastic’.