Andrea McLean’s legs and bum workout has been impressing fans over on her social media…

Andrea McLean has wowed fans with her latest Instagram post, showing off how she gets her toned and slender legs and bum.

The popular Loose Women star shared a video over on her social media of her intense gym workout, squatting while using a seemingly heavy weighted bar.

Alongside the impressive video, she divulged that it’s actually the first time she’s return to her fitness routine after months off.

Andrea wrote, “First time with @benleebaw for two months and I was straight back at it! Today was all about the booty… 🍑

And, revealing how she keeps her figure slim and toned, she revealed: “I’ve reduced my weights as I still want to feel strong, but I’ve been focusing more on yoga recently to keep the old body stretched!

“I’ve really felt the benefit of it; I’m not and never will be bendy, but my core feels better for it, inside and out. It’s good for the old pelvic floor as well… “Remember : always do your 1,2!” 😉😁 #fitness #health #training #strongcoreforastrongfloor”

Fans were stunned by Andrea’s fitness display, with one writing, “your in fab shape!!!! You look about 20!!”

Another fan took to the video to praise her figure, saying “looking good andrea :-)”.

So how else does Andrea maintain her enviable figure – and those famous Andrea McLean legs?

On the Insta post, TV beauty Andrea also responded to a fan, who questioned how her diet helps contribute to her figure too.

Writing back, she said, “I eat well, but that’s because over the years I’ve got used to healthy choices, so it’s normal for me rather than a diet. If I want a glass of wine and crisps I still have them though; because as soon as I think I CAN’T then it’s all I want! xx”

In the past, she’s also divulged the deets of what she consumes on a day-to-day basis.

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In an interview with Asda Good Living magazine, she shared her daily diet. She told them: “I always have a good nutritious breakfast of brown toast topped with crunchy peanut butter, banana and honey.

“For lunch, it’s a two-egg omelette with mushrooms, asparagus and cherry tomatoes and, usually, baked salmon for dinner. I snack on dates or figs.”

Interesting, 34-year-old Andrea also confessed that her diet is now 100% diary free. The presenter revealed that she developed a lactose allegry in 1992, and so now avoids it altogether.

Her exercise regime…

Andrea regularly posts snaps of her workout regime over on her social media. Recently, she’s posted vids of herself running and doing yoga, another of her two fave exercise go-tos.

But despite her fitness prowess, she’s admitted that it hasn’t always been so easy to keep fit.

Writing to a fan on social media, she confessed: “It takes time/. I didn’t exercise for a few months. Even walking was hard. Take it slowly, you’ll know when you’re ready. Hang in there xx”

What do you think of Andrea’s diet and workout routine?