Whatever secret youth elixir Amanda Holden is taking right now, we want some, because… blimey, she looks incredible!

And we’re not just talking about her age-less face, the 47-year-old has now shown off her gym-honed body in a recent snap on Instagram and we can help but stare.

With my #personaltrainer ♥️ #detox @judgerinder

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Those arms, those abs. Wow, just wow.

But while you can easily get distracted by Amanda’s lean-physic there’s one part of this pic which surprised us! Yes, it’s Judge Rinder. What the devil is he doing there?

Amanda’s hinted he’s her personal trainer. Erm, what?

Maybe they’ve been having treadmill races? Maybe they’re just members of some super, swanky celebrity gym?

Anyway, Judge Rinder (real name Rob) – who wowed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2016 – looks chuffed about his new work-out buddy!

But we all know it’s not just this court room star who’s keeping Amanda in check. 

The Britain’s Got Talent judge recently lifted the lid on what keeps her looking so young saying she does yoga and a juice cleanse once a week .

“[Yoga] is brilliant, the chanting is really fun but it’s tough. There’s one exercise called the Breath of Fire which is great for abs.

“My body got strong and any excess fat disappeared. It’s made my tummy flatter.”

And the juicing is bound to keep her youthful glow: “Once a week I stick to juicing all day, then have a healthy meal in the evening.”

Amanda also credits her smooth skin to  “skin-cleansing procedures that keep your collagen awake with no knives or needles” such as Thermage or Fraxel – which costs an eye-watering £1,500.

She’s also a fan of Collagen Wave treatment which costs from £150 to £250 per session.

But let’s go back to staring at those arms shall we and the fact Judge Rinder is cracking the whip to keep Amanda in shape.

The straight-talking judge has admitted in the past that he loves to keep fit and is a big fan of classes like Barry’s Bootcamp.

Maybe next time Amanda will be less diva and take off her sunnies to chat to him.

Later that day Amanda showed off the results of her gym session… and we have no words.

#detox in the #sun #don’t #hate #me 😂🍏😎@heidikleinswim

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