Amanda Holden’s children, Hollie and Alexa (or Lexi, for short), are just 11 and 5, but already the siblings are taking after their mum!

The TV star and her eldest daughter, Lexi, stepped out recently for London Fashion Week, and onlookers were stunned by how similar the pair looked. 11-year-old Lexi showed off her long, thick hair, alongside mum Amanda’s blonde tresses at the Julien McDonald show.

And we can totally see the resemblance! The similar face shapes, the height, the long flowing hair. It’s crazy! The adorable pair posed for pics, while holding hands after sitting on the front row at the star-studding show. And 11-year-old Lexi looked decidedly grown-up.

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Lexi was born on 21st January 2006, and was the first baby Amanda and husband Chris welcomed after getting married. Mum and daughter have been seen out and about before, enjoying lunch at the Ivy in London for example. Lexi also supported mum Amanda in her West End debut, Stepping Out.

It’s good to see the family so happy given that life hasn’t always been so easy for the Holdens.  Amanda had difficult pregnancies with her daughters, and she’s revealed that she’d “likely die” if she had any more.

Speaking to Good Housekeeping, Amanda explained she’s “no longer allowed” to get pregnant

She confessed: “I’m not allowed. I would be dead the next time. And I think Chris would say you can have them but you’re not having them with me.

“I’ve got the two I’m supposed to have. I just had to complete my family to feel like I could be me.”

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But what about the other Amanda Holden daughter?

Amanda’s youngest child is Hollie, who is now five. But despite being a happy healthy family now, Amanda has revealed that while giving birth to Hollie, she was left close to death.

“As much blood as they were putting in me was going out. It just would not clot. For seven minutes Chris didn’t know if I was alive or dead.

“They literally ran out of my blood group in London. They had them on mopeds coming from everywhere with it.”

And she continued to say that her heart even stopped for almost a minute – leaving doctors battling to save her life. She said: “There was a moment where they said I had flat-lined for 40 seconds. My heart stopped and I was literally moments from death. It was touch and go.”

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Speaking about her experiences now, she revealed: “I’ve had therapy and was told I suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

Amanda’s baby tragedy…

Sadly, Amanda and husband Chris also suffered a horrible loss in 2010, before Hollie was born. At seven months pregnant, Amanda had a miscarriage, and their son was stillborn.

Discussing the tragedy some years later in her autobiography, she described the moment her obstetrician broke the heartbreaking news.

“She turned to me and said: ‘I’m terribly sorry, Amanda, but the baby’s heart is not beating. He’s gone.’

“From somewhere in the hospital, I could hear the most horrendous screams. I presumed it was from the labour ward until I realised I could hear my daughter’s name, ‘Lexi, Lexi, Lexi!’ being shouted out animalistically. It was me. It was me wailing and making the most horrific guttural noises.”

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So now, while the family won’t be welcoming any new arrivals, Chris and Amanda are busy raising their daughters amongst the busy demands of life.

In an interview with Woman & Home, Amanda revealed how she juggles home and work life. She admitted, “I Facetime the children when I’m at work, but my parents and my husband are incredible – they help all the time.

“They came with me to Disneyland Paris a couple of weeks ago. And Chris is just the most incredible hands-on Dad.”

Nowadays, Amanda Holden and her children, along with her husband Chris, live a contented life in the south-west of London. What an adorable family!