Alex Jones has confessed she regrets going back to work on The One Show so soon after giving birth to her son Teddy last year.

The 41-year-old presenter returned to work in April 2017, just three months after welcoming her and husband Charlie Tomson’s son – who recently turned one.

And she has described her return as a “nightmare”, admitting she had to give up feeding because of it.

Speaking on podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby, Alex said: “I went back too soon. I was still trying to feed going back to work.

“After the meeting I’d try and express, then go into the rehearsal, and go back and try and express a little bit more, and my milk was in the fridge with all the food being given to the guests!

“I was like, this is not working, this is a nightmare.

“I’d sit on the sofa and the titles would start playing and I’d feel this stain start coming through the dress and I’d think, oh no, this is awful.

“I thought, I really hope people out there will understand what’s happened here.

“Of course, you can imagine, there were some comments that were really upsetting to read but there’s nothing I could do about it.”

Talking of her return, Alex continued: “It destroyed my confidence in terms of trying to feed and be back at work.

“So by four months I had to give in to formula completely. I was combining but it just wasn’t working.”

Alex also admitted she’s sometimes jealous of little Teddy’s nanny Jess for how much time she’s able to spend with him.

She added: “Jess is a ­brilliant girl and we couldn’t do without her. She’s wonderful in so many ways and we love her, however there is still that feeling that I want to be doing the things that she’s doing with Teddy.

“And it’s really tough. I remember the one where he crawled for the first time and she’d sent a video of it to Charlie and I.

“And both of us were crestfallen, thinking – I wanted to see it!”