When Woman met Twiggy…

Twiggy. It’s a name you can’t not recognize. She shot to fame in the 60s to become the first official supermodel thanks to her Bambi eyes, legs for miles and inevitable style. And today Twiggy is still very much in fashion. Our Beauty Director Charley Williams-Howitt meets her for tea and biscuits to chat about make-up, social media and the launch of her first beauty range and fragrance for Marks and Spencer.


The word ‘icon’ is often used when referring to you… what does the word mean to you?

When I was growing up, my icons were film stars like Greta Garbo, who I was obsessed with! I thought she was the most beautiful creature and a brilliant actress – you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. She was so alluring – and that is iconic to me. That’s the downside to social media, there’s no mystery to celebrities today, because everyone over-shares and it makes them accessible, which unfortunately spoils some of the magic of ‘celebrity’. The icons I loved were magical creatures that you only got to see on the big screen.

So you’re not a big fan of social media then…

It has its place but you definitely wouldn’t catch me sharing what I had for breakfast! Or looking to bloggers or videos for beauty advice – I’ve had enough personal experience to do ok.

What are your make-up rules then?

Always ALWAYS take your make-up off no matter how tired or drunk you are because it’s so bad for your skin. And you’ll feel even worse in the morning with half caked-on, grimy make-up on – and half of it will probably be on your sheets! Never good!

Is make-up important to you?

Yes, especially eye make-up – it’s always been my ‘look’. I say ‘I’m just going to put my eyes on!’ which I’ve got down to doing in just 5 minutes now. I throw on a bit of mascara, a bit of smudge (eyeliner) and I’m ready to face the world. Although I don’t faff around with false eyelashes like I used to. When I’m not working and just at home, I prefer not to wear anything – to be free of make-up.

What’s the bravest you’ve been with your look?

Oh god. I’ve done so many different, crazy ones for photoshoots! But I suppose it’s that original make-up look – that was quite ‘out there’ back then – that’s become so iconic. And I created that doll-like eye look, not a make-up artist. I used to paint my eyes by hand using a black kohl pot and a damp brush – and apply three pairs of eyelashes! But no lippy or foundation – it was all about the eyes!

Have you got a skin bugbear?

I have very dry skin, which is one of the reasons why I wanted a body butter (currently part of the Twiggy Body Care Coffret, £15 range) in the M&S range. When I did Desert Island Discs the one thing I said I couldn’t live without was moisturizing cream – I’m hoping a face cream will join the body butter in the future.

So do when you’ve got half hour of ‘me time’ do you relax with a good pamper?

Absolutely! There’s nothing better than having a long soak using my Amber Blossom Bath Elixir, £14 and then diving into the rich body – both of which have a really expensive, but subtle fragrance to them. I’m very particular about the products – they’ve not only got to look beautiful, but they’ve got to feel beautiful too. They’ve got to work.

The Amber Blossom Eau de Toilette is set to be the hero of the range…


At the start of this collaboration, I sat down with the M&S beauty team and I said ‘how do we kick this off?’ They asked me to start by making a list of the smells I love and those that I don’t like. They produced a few variations which I tested and every time I wore this one my husband would say, ‘Oh, you smell nice,’ so I knew it was the winner. What I love the most is that it’s not overpowering – I wanted it to be one that you top up occasionally, not one that is so overwhelmingly strong on first application.

Quire fire:

Lipstick or mascara

Jeans or a dress

Glam blow-dry or easy texture

Red carpet or sofa night

Facial or massage

Home or away

Twiggy will be available from 17th November in selected M&S stores throughout the UK and online.


For your chance to win one of 4 Twiggy Amber Blossom Eau de Toilette simply email womancompetitions@timeinc.com with the competition name in the subject line. Ts & Cs apply.