These are the craziest conspiracy theories doing the rounds on the net. They’re *almost* definitely not true…

Women need to audition to be Tom Cruise’s wife


According to (dubious) sources, women need to be tested and screened before they can become Tom Cruise’s significant other. Katie Holmes was the one who eventually made the cut. And the ones who didn’t? Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, and Kate Bosworth, to name a few!

Pippa Middleton’s bum was fake


Pippa stole the show at sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William a few years ago, with much of the focus being on her pert derrière. A ‘royal insider’ apparently admitted the bum was fake. Look we’ve seen Pippa in a bathing suit – she’s all natural and looks fab!

Keanu Reeves is immortal


A celebrity conspiracy theory that is so intense that it has a website dedicated to it!! The apparent evidence? That photos 10 years apart apparently show no signs of ageing (has no one ever heard of a celebrity lifestyle?!) Also, according to that well known oracle of knowledge Wikipedia, Keanu Reeves is the pseudonym for Paul Monet, a French actor who died in 1922! We think Keanu’s just got a really great skincare regime…

Beyonce’s sister Solange is actually her daughter


This one has to be a contender for most ridiculous celebrity theory, ever! According to Beyonce theorists, Solange is actually her daughter. Apparently Beyonce is 37-years old (rather than 32) and had Solange at 14. To cover up the scandal, apparently Beyonce’s parents raised Solange as their own.

Lady Gaga is actually Cher


Add a shed-load of plastic surgery and a very good marketing team and voilà, reinvented. Come to think of it, have you ever seen them both in the same room…?