The spring and summer months mean one thing (aside from half-hearted sunshine): parties. Be it a wedding, christening, day at the races, special birthday event or a hen do, the warmer months bring out the inner-party in us all. Today let’s take a look at two elements fundamental to your comfort at a big event – food, and fashion.  Being outfit savvy so that you’re looking smoulderingly sexy and comfortable isn’t hard. Read on to find out more.


What to wear?

Let’s start from the bottom up here because let’s face it – it’s your feet that are going to be taking a battering. If it’s a wedding you’re off to then there will undoubtedly be lots of standing around, dancing and getting from one venue to another. The same goes for the races and if it’s a big hen do you’ve got planned, well then you can expect lots of dancing. Insoles for shoes from Simply Feet can make all the difference. Honestly. They’ll cushion your feet offering you comfort and support and meaning you’ll last on your feet for longer.

Bring a cover up – there’s nothing worse than not being able to warm up at a function. Particularly given the unreliable nature of our weather, it’s always essential to factor your cover up into your outfit choice. Blazers, shrugs and boleros are all key outerwear garms but if you’re feeling confident, how about a floral pashmina or a chiffon scarf?

You don’t want to be wearing so much make up that you’re having to touch up eyeliner and reapply eye shadow every half an hour – it’ll detract from you being able to relax plus is it really a good idea to be applying mascara after you’ve had perhaps one too many? Keep it simple with a chic flick of lipstick for a flawlessly sexy appeal – perfect!

What to eat?

On the day:

If you’ve spent the last few weeks cutting back on unhealthy foods in a bid to slim down into a tight fitting or revealing outfit then you don’t want to ruin it all on the day do you?

If you have been really good at cutting out carbs or limiting your portion sizes for a couple of weeks then the chances are that your stomach will have shrunk a little. So, if you pig out on rich food and overdo it on each course, you’ll feel even more bloated than usual – not so great for those post-dinner pictures! If you’ve got visibility of the menu prior to the event, choose the courses low in stuffy carbs so you don’t have to make any difficult diet choices on the day.

Foods for the hangover:

No matter how healthy you’re trying to be, nothing can cure a hangover like that bacon sandwich, or whatever else it is that you’re incessantly craving. However there is research to suggest that certain foods eaten the night before can help stave off the aforementioned dreaded hangover.

Rumour has it that chomping down a banana before you go to bed will really help – you’ll get sugar from the fructose and lots of potassium, which is what you lose when you drink. It’s also packed full of magnesium which is said to help stop blood vessels from pounding in your head.

Peanut butter is supposedly another great hangover cure because it’s full of protein. Why not have some peanut butter on toast? The carbs from the bread will help soak up the excess alcohol that you’ve consumed.