What does spring mean when it comes to your finances? Well a number of things actually. With the turn of the financial year in sight it’s time to revisit your existing ISA and think about transferring. Or perhaps opening up your first ISA. With the Budget just a couple of weeks ago there was good news for personal savers and those looking to get on the property ladder.

But it’s all well and good knowing about what’s going on, but what are you actually doing? Workplace pensions was huge news last year. But has this affected your personal financial position? Have you got a workplace pension now? Have you had any thoughts about choosing the best SIPP (that’s Self-Invested Personal Pension to me and you)?

Whatever your big decisions when it comes to your finances, it’s often the way that you need to start off small to make a difference with your savings. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves; that kind of thing. So, what are you doing to look after the pennies this spring? Here are a few money saving tips to get you started.

Spring clean

Have you started on your home already? If so, the next step is to spring clean your finances. Small things such as changing energy supplier or shopping around for a new deal on your car insurance rather than automatically renewing can make a huge difference. Don’t put your head in the sand; clear mind and everything.

Enjoy the outside

Not only are barbeques great to get all the family and friends round, they also save you money on your gas bills. Rather than using the oven or the hob, just light the BBQ, get everyone round and watch the savings roll in. OK, so it’s not going to save you loads, but every little helps.

If the weather is good (fingers crossed!), make sure you take the kids down to the park; cutting out any unnecessary (and expensive) trips to the cinema.

Plan early

If you’re off on a summer family holiday, spring time is the best time to start planning everything. Whether going all-inclusive or planning all the elements separately it pays to get things booked up before the mad-rush of the summer. Some people might swear by getting great deals by booking last minute, but you know with kids things can never be so easy.

We’re thinking a nice two weeks in the sun of Turkey. There are loads of all inclusive deals and it’s not in the Euro – meaning it’s still pretty cheap. It’s expected to be one of the top destinations again this summer, so get in early!

Lower the temperature

The beginning of spring has been freezing; you don’t need us to tell you that, but it should start to improve soon (hopefully). As it gets warmer, it’s time to cut back on your energy bills. Do you really need it on at night before you go to bed? Yes it gets a little colder, but think of the money you’ll save; not to mention being green.

Get out of the gym

If you’re tied into a 12 month contract, this might be a little difficult, but at some gyms you can put things on hold for a few months. If you can, do it. Do you really need to be in the stuffy, hot gym when it’s great weather outside? No. Don your running shoes or jump on your bike; but head to the great outdoors!

How will you save money this spring?