With the summer holidays in sight, many individuals will be thinking about hitting the gym and getting their body beach ready. They’ve bought the appropriate sportswear, ensured they have the best powder based whey protein products and are about to embark on a fitness journey of a lifetime. Or so they think…

Taking the step from just thinking about getting fit to actually doing it can, for some people, take a considerable amount of motivation. So, in the meantime, whilst you mull over the ways you could lose weight, here are some easy options to get you started.


Walking is an effortless way to shed the pounds. If you’re guilty of spending too much time in front of the TV, or are a slave to your work desk, taking the odd walk could be a quick and easy means of getting you into shape.  

A person who weighs 10st can burn approximately 100 calories per mile, so it’s well worth incorporating walking into your daily routine [1]  Regular walks not only help to reduce stress and increase energy levels, but they also work to tone those legs, bums and tums. Think you can handle it? Just little things, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to work and nipping out during lunch, can make a tremendous difference.  

Cut out the bad stuff

You know you have to, but sometimes the temptation’s just too much. Well, our advice is, ease yourself into dietary changes, as too much too soon will just encourage you to eat those unhealthy snacks even more.

First and foremost, try to curb the carbs. Contrary to popular belief, carbs are not bad for you. But if you eat them in excess, without the exercise to go with it, then this can cause you to put weight on. Simple carbohydrates such as white bread and fizzy drinks are ones to avoid, so try to replace them with healthy alternatives, such as brown rice and water.  


Multitasking is another great way to help you get into shape with minimal effort. What we’re suggesting is that on those occasions when you’re on the phone or just watching TV, aim to do some exercise.  Now we’re not implying that you invest in a cross trainer or a treadmill. There are plenty of cost effective ways in which you can achieve the level of fitness you want, all in the comfort of your own home.

Exercises to try out-

  • Shadow boxing: a fun means of toning those biceps (and channelling any aggression) is by shadow boxing. As you watch your favourite programme, simply punch the air (boxer style) for as long as possible. Regular bursts of this will definitely get your arms looking great.


  • Step calf raises: if you’re looking to tone your legs (especially lower legs) then step calf raises are a quick and easy exercise to incorporate into your daily routine. All you need to do, is stand on the edge of the bottom step of your stairs, hold on to the banister, and slowly raise and lower your heels, taking them as high and as low as they can go. Once you can feel those calves burning, you’ll know that it’s working!


  • Planking: back in the day, sit-ups were considered the core exercise to eliminate tummy fat. However, in more recent years, sit-ups/crunches have come under scrutiny for the issues they could potentially cause to your back. This is where planking comes in! Be it by lying on your side and lifting your legs in the air, or by lying on your front and really stretching those abs, planking is a safe (and lazy!) way to achieve a flat stomach.


So lazy people, don’t wait much longer. It’s time to start losing weight the easy way!