Decorating your children’s bedrooms and playrooms can be a tough job to crack. You need to think about styles that will suit their tastes now and in the future. After all, you don’t want to be doing the job again in a year’s time.

As well as their needs, you need to consider the practicalities –a blackout Roman blind might just keep your little ones in bed for a few more precious minutes in the mornings, and help them go to sleep easier during the summer nights. If you are opting for a blind then safety devices are crucial to keep cords neatly out of the way.

And what would happen if you left the interior choices up to the kids? Sounds a bit like a nightmare doesn’t it – can you imagine the scene? But that’s exactly what the brave folks at Hillarys did! Their new ‘Kids’ range was specifically designed with children in mind – and what better way to get some youthful inspiration than by asking a group of children their favourite interior design styles…

It was a bold, daring move, but the results will definitely prove incredibly useful for all you DIY-ers out there – not just for window covering inspiration but also for ideas on how to decorate bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms. The majority of the answers are frank and sometimes quite funny, so the video is totally worth a watch.

Make sure you watch full video here before reading on; it’s well worth it! :

Design Concepts

The designers of Hillarys Kids’ range listened closely to what the little monkeys had to say and incorporated this into the range. From Spiderman, Dora the Explorer and Sleeping Beauty, the range has something to suit every child’s tastes, and this need for popular characters was expressed by lots of the children in the video.

Feature Walls

The little scamps were also keen to show off their knowledge about the importance of feature walls and statement styles – curtains containing their favourite colours as well as printed blinds were key looks for these budding interior designers!

Joking aside, sitting down with your little ones and getting them to draw or loosely plan their idea of the perfect bedroom will help you understand what it is they most want out of a bedroom. Ok, so you might not be able to build them the infinity staircase to the swimming pool, but it’ll give you a good idea of what it is they’re ‘looking for’ in a bedroom – take your grown up hat off for a minute and let your creative juices flow. It’ll be fun – we promise!

So, you’ve seen the video and now it’s over to you to join the conversation; what do you think? Would you let your little ones decide the decor of their bedroom?

It’s not only children’s bedrooms either. Hillarys have made it their mission make sure each window in the home gets the focus and attention it deserves – so from Venetian blinds for bay windows to shutters, and curtains for each room in the home, make your window covering the centrepiece.