How many of us claim that we “just can’t sleep at the moment?”, or hear complaints that the sleep they do get is disjointed, with tossing and turning all through the night?  If this sounds like you, and you’re sick of waking up feeling as though you never switched off during the night, there are ways to help you get some much needed slumber. 

There is increasing scientific research which suggests that regular exercise could potentially help you sleep better[1], with physically active people commenting that they fall asleep more quickly and sleep better as well as not feeling as tired during the day.

 Lose weight too

We’re all probably guilty of spending too much time sat down, taking the easy option rather than working out a little, so it’s time you bucked your ideas up! Moving more might not only aid your sleeping patterns; if you’re exercising regularly it can also help you lose weight too. Why not take fat soluble antioxidant, CoEnzyme Q10. It occurs naturally in almost all cells in the body, but as we get older it naturally decreases. It’s found most prominently in areas of the body that have high energy requirements – such as the heart, so if you’re undertaking more exercise then see how it can help you.

Simple, frequent exercises will tire you out

Many people find that immediately after exercise instead of feeling exhausted they can feel rejuvenated and refreshed, which is great. However, if you’re doing an exercise class late at night then this sudden burst of energy can cause havoc on your sleep pattern.

Instead of this (and if you haven’t got the time to spare going to the gym), there are a few simple things you can do to get physical during the day:

  • Ditch the lift and escalators – yes, yes you’ve heard it all before. So take note! Tiny little changes can make all the difference. Climbing the three flights of stairs to your office might not seem like a sleep-inducing task, but if you do this multiple times a day, your body will notice the difference.
  • Lunchtime legs – get away from your desk. Even if it’s only for half an hour, and get walking. A half an hour walk could burn up to 200 calories, so it’s well worth it. Plus, all that fresh air will clear your head in preparation for the afternoon ahead.
  • Walk a little further – getting off the bus one or two stops earlier, walking to the shops and carrying shopping back are all great ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine.
  • Commute with a difference – why not take up cycling (or if you can, walking) to work? This is a fantastic way to ensure you’re getting a good physical workout on a daily basis.

Cheat a little bit

On the days that you don’t get a good night’s sleep, it’s time to pretend you have: keep your eye cream in the fridge overnight. When moisturiser is cold it’s the perfect treat for de-puffing and restoring tired looking eyes!

CoQ10 is available here, team it with regular exercise and see how you get on!