All the single ladies, now put your hands up!

If you’re reading this with your hands up in the air you’ll be amongst one of the independent women out there living the single dream.

Whether you’re newly single, haven’t found ‘the one’ yet or just aren’t looking at the moment, gone are the days of the desperate ‘Bridget Jones’ image of female singletons.

With the rise of the so called ‘freemales’ it seems that there’s a lot more to single life aside from a relationship status.

Working towards that big promotion, sipping cocktails with your girlfriends and making your very own house a home are just a few of the fundamentals in the day of a modern day independent woman.

You might already own your own home but haven’t ever lived there alone or you might be looking to buy after years of renting. Either way, apart from the obvious perks of decorating using unrestricted floral prints and purchasing as much crockery as your heart desires there are a few maintenance matters to consider.

There’s a notion that women tend to think more with their hearts than their heads and the same can be said when it comes to property. We can all sympathise with falling for a houses charm and character instead of checking that it has double glazed windows or a roofline system with a ten year guarantee. Instead of seeing that crack down the wall in the spare room we see the beautiful original fireplace in the longue. Instead of noticing that the kitchen needs a full revamp we imagine the summer dinner parties we can have with the double French doors opening out on to the back garden.

Once we’ve got our perfect pad, dream job and flashy car on our own driveway the big question for the single ladies is what to do next? How about travelling the world in your two week holiday slots? There are an increasing number of people squeezing the lengthy travel holidays into shorter time frames. Having the extra money your full time job provides means that you can afford to jet from place to place much quicker than the usual 17 hour coach ride. It also means you can travel in style staying at the hottest hotels as a pose to dingy hostels.

To help you on your travels why not learn a new language, it’s something you’ve always do but like the rest of us you’re guilty of being a little ignorant because everybody else speaks English when you travel abroad? Or you could finally learn how to play a musical instrument, apart from the recorder in primary school your musical talent hasn’t ever really evolved and you’re always envious of that girl who can pick up the guitar at a party? Or, you could just take the extra time to finally slow down, catch up on some well-deserved sleep and pamper yourself a little bit!