2015 is a year of change. With Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo, the first half of the year should be a period of growth, especially for the economy and business. The housing market may be slowing but it is by no means plummeting; and in our personal lives it will be easier to balance our budgets and our lifestyles. However, half-way through 2015 and the tide will begin to turn, so do not leave it too long before making those all-important moves. Think: early birds and worms!

The cycle of total lunar eclipses is in its second and last year. Important world events cluster around the time of an eclipse, which in 2015 means 4 April and 28 September. The new royal baby is due in April, and it may well arrive as the Sun enters Taurus, following in the footsteps of the Queen whose birthday falls on the 21st.  And, with a General Election to come in May, this total lunar eclipse could well and truly shake things up in Westminster.

2015 resonates with the number 8, which to the Chinese is the most fortunate of numbers. Prosperity, good fortune and happiness are attributed to the number 8. However, in other numerology systems 8 brings revolution, innovation, disruption and anarchy!

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