Great British Bake Off finalist Holly’s recipe is so much quicker than a large Easter simnel cake but just as delicious! It’s your choice whether to top with marzipan balls, tiny chocolate eggs or both if you can’t decide.

Makes 12

PREP 20 minutes

COOK 20 minutes

For the cakes:

20mls ginger wine or Frangelico

25g Natural Selection crimson raisins

20g Natural Selection crystallised ginger, finely chopped

25g dates, cut into quarters

25g apricots

100g self-raising flour

60g ground almonds

100g caster sugar

50g dark muscovado sugar

150g  butter at room temperature or margarine

3 large eggs at room temperature

½ tsp baking powder

1 tsp mixed spice

2 tbsp whole/semi skimmed milk

To decorate:

150g marzipan

3 tbsp apricot jam

Either an extra 150g marzipan/a packet of tiny chocolate eggs

A little icing sugar for rolling/shaping marzipan

1 Heat the oven to 190C or Gas 5. Place 12 cupcake cases into a muffin tray. Heat the ginger wine or Frangelico in a small pan together with all the dried fruit until the liquid has been absorbed. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

2 Place the remaining cake ingredients into a bowl and mix together with an electric handheld mixer until smooth and creamy. Stir in the soaked fruit and then divide between the cupcake cases.

3 Bake  for about 20 minutes until slightly brown, well risen and a toothpick comes out of the centre of the middle cupcakes with clean. Cool out of the tin, on a wire rack.

4 Once cool, brush a little jam onto each cake and then roll and cut out circles of marzipan (using icing sugar to aid rolling and a round cutter) to place on top. Then either add 11 small balls of marzipan to the top of each cake or 11 tiny chocolate eggs. Fix in place with a dab of jam.

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