Weight Watchers member Sarah Nicholls, 39, was thrilled to take part in our fashion shoot to celebrate the launch of the Weight Watchers Weight Loss Wardrobe from Debenhams because it gave her the chance to indulge in the love of fashion she’s found since losing over 4 stone…

Before embarking on her weight loss journey, Sarah weighed 16 stone 7lbs. ‘On the odd occasion that I would go shopping, I usually ended up frustrated & upset, I’d come home empty handed and then head straight to the kitchen or take-away for more un-healthy foods to try and cheer myself up I hated my body shape and the size I had become. Shopping was always about ‘need’ rather than ‘want’. I used to live in the same pair of black trousers.

‘My dream was to fit into a beautiful dress and some jeans. I rejoined Weight Watchers in April 2008 and lost 50lbs to get to my goal weight, I bought a fab red dress that I wore when my husband took me to Las Vegas as a treat to celebrate my weight loss.

‘I love the idea of the new Weight Loss Wardrobe Weight Watchers have launched with Debenhams. It’s clothes that are designed to be worn as you lose weight which is a great way to get your shopping confidence back.

All Sarah’s clothes in our shoot are available from Debenhams.

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