One word - hooray!

It’s the intermittent fasting diet that’s taking the world by storm. And if you haven’t heard of it already, the 5 2 diet plan is a game changer. Allowing you to eat what you like for five days – and fast for two – you can finally say yes to the occasional glass of wine or cupcake without feeling guilty.

And now there’s even more good news in store for 5.2 fans! Dr Michael Mosley, who devised the weight loss regime, has finally addressed the issue that left dieters verging on hangry – that’s hungry + angry to you and me – on fast days.

margherita pizza

Now instead of a devising a meal plan that has a 600 calorie limit, 5 2 followers can up their intake on fast days to 800 calories. That’s 200 bonus calories to play with each fast day!

But before you go dreaming of a low-fat muffin or handful of fries, Dr Mosley has advised dieters not to waste their extra allowance on ’empty’ calories. Damn!

And in another update to the plan, Dr Mosley has argued that 5 2 fans should begin their 24-hour fast in the evening.

“What I’d recommend is that you have a slightly earlier supper on the evening before, and then a slighter later breakfast on the fasting day,” he told Mail Online.

“That way, you’ll be fasting for 13 hours or more overnight.”

We’re not sure how to feel about the second point, but the good news is, is that Woman’s 5:2 diet app means you’ll never run out of meal ideas. Happy eating!

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