Step 1: Click here to be redirected to the app store and tap on buy

Step 2: Once purchased go to your apps and open the 5:2 app icon

Step 3: When opening the app, please ensure you are connected via Wi-Fi network (this app does not currently download with a 3G connection)

Step 4: This app requires 400mb of device space.  If you experience issues downloading the app, please check your device settings and free up at least 400mb space in order to install


Views for iPhone and iPad


1. Tap on the white circle to download 







2. You MUST  be connected to Wi-Fi in order for the app content to download. You should see a rotating purple circle in the white circle which shows you the content is being downloaded





3. Once the circle has stopped you will then see this screen. You will need to tap the white circle, which says Tap tap to view








4. Congratulations you have now downloaded our app and can view the delicious recipe ideas and calorie lists to help you on your 5:2 diet

 photo 4

photo 4




If you should encounter any problems, please email us: 52_diet_tech_support@ipcmedia.com  and we’ll do our best to help you resolve the issue.