We’re delighted to be working with JD Williams on a new partnership that could change the lives of Woman readers...

There’s never been better time to be over 40.

It’s the age of defying rules and breaking down barriers and, with this decade looking more promising than any before it, we’ve partnered up with JD Williams for a fantastic new campaign.

‘Don’t tell me I can’t’ is all about embracing our passions discovering new interests, and refusing to let anything hold us back from pursuing them. Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, learn how to tango or travel the world – well, we’re here to inspire you to do just that, and to remind you that life can be as colourful as you make it.


Woman wants to hear from you! We’re searching for readers who want to take on a new adventure. To apply, send 150 words detailing who you are and what life challenge you’re hoping to take on to: mycolourfullife@timeinc.com.

Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you stories of women who have been grabbing life with both hands, setting off on new – and sometimes wild! – adventures.

These women know that with age comes a new confidence to give whatever you want to do a go – you can kick-start a new career, learn a new language, re-invent your look, heck, even skydive! Anything is possible. So, if you’ve got a story – we can’t wait to hear it! And there’s more! We’ll also be holding a mentoring event for all readers to encourage as many as possible to Live a Colourful Life.

‘Be bold and be brave’ – a member of The Colour Council tells her story

Busola Evans, 44, is a freelance writer and a member of the JD Williams Colour Council. She lives in London with her husband John, 52, and their daughter Abiola, six.

“Every morning, before I head out of the door, I apply a slick of bright red lipstick. No matter where I’m going or what I’m wearing, I always have a bright red smile. It’s been my trademark since my 20s, and though I know some people might think it’s a little bold for a forty-something mum, I’ve got no plans to deviate from my favourite look.

“In fact, getting older has only given me more confidence to break down outdated notions of what is and isn’t acceptable. I’m a firm believer that taking risks is what life is all about – we shouldn’t feel confined by age, in any area. Take work, for example. I worked in the same office for a decade, then aged 37 I became a mum and realised I needed more flexibility than my 9-5. So, despite it being daunting, I handed in my notice.

“Some may have thought it was a mistake – after all, I was heading towards 40, which some may have thought was too old for a big change. But I was determined to try something new – and it was the best decision I’ve made. Now I’m my own boss, which I love. I want women to know that now is the time to take control and make those life decisions – whether it’s about what shade of lipstick you wear, or what direction your career is taking. Be bold and be brave. You won’t regret it.”

Meet The Rest Of The Colour Council…


Catherine Summers – notdressedaslamb.com

Style blogger, promotes anti-age appropriateness

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Jenny Wood – jennywood.co.uk

Blogger, mum of two, fan of colour

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Nikki Garnett – midlifechic.com

The thinking woman’s style blogger for over-40s

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Emily Johnston – fashionfoiegras.com

Fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, proud of her curves

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Ashley Cramp – lazydaisyjones.com

Crafting and home style blogger, interiors nut

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JD WILLIAMS The Lifestore

At Woman, we’ve long been fans of JD Williams – it’s at the forefront of fashion, flying the flag for the stylish 40-plus woman. But it’s not just that. We also love their philosophy of celebrating those life-changing moments that help define us.

When you shop at jdwilliams.co.uk you’ll find must-have key pieces; from fashion that flatters age, stylish homeware, electricals, beauty and much more. Their LIFE.style hub has inspiration for the latest looks, smart fit guides, as well as unmissable fashion edits and advice from The Colour Council.

You’ll also find plenty of inspiration to update your home, whether it’s small finishing touches or a complete style overhaul – just pick your favourite colour palette and find all you need at your fingertips!