Easy to style, maintain and look after - the humble bob ticks every hairstyle box!

Bob hairstyles are having a bit of a moment and it’s easy to see why! Not only is it a really stylish cut that’s easy to style at home, but it’s also great for ALL ages! In fact a bob can really anti-age your look if you want to turn back the clock!

Bobs are a great haircut, especially for fine hair as adding choppy layers will make hair appear thicker. You can keep the ends of your hair blunt too for a thicker appearance, or lightly tong for instant movement which instantly gives the illusion of more volume. The tricks with bob haircuts are endless.

If you have a fuller face shape go for a slightly longer, layered bob hairstyle (called a Lob) so it flatters your jawline – everyone is doing it! From Amanda Holden to Reese Witherspoon, the Lob is the must-have cut of the season! It’s so easy to style as the shorter back and elongated front instantly creates a ‘style’ that you can blow-dry into place in minutes!

Or why not add a fringe? A fringe looks great with a bob haircut. Those with thick hair should certainly try this if they want to update their look easily.

And as for styling a bob, the prettiest way to jazz it up for a night out is by using straighteners or a wand to lightly tong the hair giving glamorous waves like Emma Stone below. Gorgeous!



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