We’ve love Aldi booze, and Aldi skincare, but our latest Aldi must-haves are part of the much coveted Aldi makeup range. And now the award-winning Aldi Lacura makeup range is coming back thanks to popular demand – hurrah!

Inspired by some of the beauty industries’ biggest high street names, including YSL, Maxfactor and Garnier, the Aldi makeup range will surely sell out once again.

From Yankee inspired candles to the Slimming World-style ready meals, the discount supermarket is no stranger to launching sell out items.

The Aldi Lacura makeup goes on sale online and in store from Sunday 8 October but you will have to be quick. Once the Specialbuys are gone they are gone and there is no guarantee the range will come back again!

Items include a concealer, colour correction pens, BB cream and more! Take a look at the full round-up below. The full range can be snapped up for just £20.24 which is less than the price of one item from other beauty brands.

So what’s in the Aldi Makeup Range?

Lacura CC Colour Correcting Stick Set, £4.99


This little set is perfect for those who suffer from red or blotchy skin. The concealer stick provides light coverage to even out your complexion. The green stick is designed to reduce redness and the appearance of small veins. Finally the rose stick helps even out dark shadows on the face and under the eyes.

Aldi Lacura Concealer Pen, £2.99


Complete your base makeup with a concealer pen. Aldi’s is available in three shades to suit sandy, rosy and darker complexions.  The pen style application means that it is great for last minute touch-ups.

Lacura BB Cream, £2.99


This is a great light alternative to foundation and is inspired by Garnier’s £9.99 BB Cream. It helps keep skin hydrated and will make skin look smoother.

Lacura Mineral Powder and Brush, £3.79


This powder is formulated with minerals to balance out your complexion. Described as having a ‘silk-like texture’ this powder promises to leave your skin looking fresher, smoother and glowing. Sounds like a winner to us!

Lacura Cushion Lip Gloss, £2.99


This lip gloss is new to the Aldi makeup range, and is available in three shades: brick, nude and neutral. It will keep lips smooth and soft, with a formula enriched with shea butter ad macadamia nut oil.

Lacura Mascaras, £2.49


Aldi’s Lacura mascaras have a lash style for every occasion. If you want volume, go for the Lacura Volume Sensational Mascara. However if length is what you’re after, the Lacura XXL Extreme Lashes Mascara is the one for you. This mascara is the boldest of the trio and promises full and voluminous lashes. While the Lacura 3D-effect Mascara adds a more subtle curve and fullness to your lashes.