Instagram has quickly become one of our go-to places for healthy living inspiration, and there’s one guy in particular that’s caught our eye.

We can’t get enough of Joe Wick’s recipes!

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, is an online nutrition coach and the king of social media HIIT workouts and speedy, delicious and nutritious meals. He devised the 90 Day SSS Plan – that’s shift, shape & sustain – and his Instagram recipes follow the mantra to eat better, not less.

Joe’s #leanin15 creations mean you’re not stuck in the kitchen for ages as all the meals can be prepped and cooked in 15 mins or less and his cheeky chappy videos couldn’t be easier follow. Our kind of cooking!

And there really is so much to choose from. From comforting classics so creamy curries. You’ll be full and feel fab before you know it! You’ll already find some of the ingredients you need in your store cupboard and you won’t believe how much flavour you can pack into a meal that takes just minutes to prepare. And there’s no need to get out the fancy crockery. Just grab a pan throw in a few ingredients and voila you have a tasty and healthy meal that’s good enough to serve up on your own or with friends.

Want to know how to make a delicious home made, and low fat fish and chips?


Want a quick and easy dinner that’s super tasty and will help you shed the pounds? Try this spicy green curry….

So why not grab the ‘midget trees’ and rustle up some of our favourite #leanin15 creations…