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Bladder sensitivity: Your guide to living life to the full with Always Discreet

Posted 3 days ago

Link to Bladder sensitivity: Your guide to living life to the full with Always Discreet

It’s time to tackle the taboo!

Lie back and lose weight!

Posted 3 days ago


Is stress stopping you from shifting the pounds? Try these tips…

Beauty tips every woman should know!

Posted 3 days ago


These are some of the best beauty tips and tricks we’ve heard from industry experts. They are all free and ready for you to do at home! Hurrah!

CUTE VIDEO: Dogs annoying cats

Posted 3 days ago


Just. Too. Cute.

Diet-friendly alcoholic drinks

Posted 3 days ago


Find out which drinks you should be sipping this weekend…they are all under 100 calories!

Slimmer dinners: meals under 300 calories

Posted 3 days ago


These easy dinners, inculding quick chicken dishes and guilt-free curries, are all under 300 calories and don’t compromise on taste!

Five ways to pimp up your burger sauce

Posted 4 days ago


From new readymade sauces to easy homemade recipes, give your burger a flavoursome update

New in store at Primark

Posted 5 days ago


Check out these new clothes, shoes and bags from Primark – all in store now!

We love kimonos! Our new fashion obsession

Posted 5 days ago


In need of a new cool cover up? Look no further…

In this week’s issue…

Posted 5 days ago

Link to In this week’s issue…

In this week’s issue, try our new flat tum plan and don’t miss our real life bonus mag. Read more here…

Yes you can wear shorts!

Posted 6 days ago


We’ve rounded up our favourite shorts from the high street to help you find the right pair for you

25 delicious ways with chicken breasts

Posted 7 days ago


It’s time to jazz up your dinner menu…

10 of the best minis!

Posted 1 week ago


Update your make up bag with these travel-friendly minis that you can take everywhere!